Our mission is to help Subway® Franchisees be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.

About us

Subway is one of the fastest growing franchise networks in the world and the largest submarine sandwich chain, with more than 44,000 stores across the world – more than 5400 of which are in Europe.

We are the Independent Purchasing Company Europe Limited, trading as IPC EMEA - a non profit making organisation owned by Subway Franchisees in Europe. Formed in 2001 by a group of enterprising Franchisees that wanted to benefit from the discounts that could be achieved through buying together and based on a model already in place in North America, we deliver financial and service benefits to Subway Franchisees through volume purchasing and pan-European supply chain operations.

Our experienced team of purchasing and supply chain professionals source, purchase and manage the complexities of supplying the hundreds of Subway product lines and have each been selected for their specific industry experience. Coming from leading brands including Sainsbury’s, Yum!, McDonald’s, Whitbread and Brakes, our team brings highly tuned skills to their individual sectors.

IPC EMEA reports to and is guided by a regionally representative Board of Directors who are all active Subway Franchisees elected to represent their region. Together, we ensure that we are delivering the products and services that make a difference to Subway Franchisees’ businesses.

We help Subway Franchisees in Europe to be as profitable and competitive as possible. Since 2001, we have delivered over £517 million of benefit to Subway Franchisees across Europe.

“Thank you to the whole IPC EMEA team for their continued efforts and support in bringing value and cost savings to the Franchisees.”
Subway Franchisee, UK

Working to exacting Subway standards

All of the products and operational guidelines in each of the thousands of Subway restaurants are specified and monitored by the franchisor. In Europe, this is Subway International B.V. From the menu and sandwich formulas, through to packaging, equipment, cleaning products and store designs, Subway sets a rigorous set of standards to ensure that customers experience the same great taste and service wherever they go in the world.

It is our role to execute against these rigorous standards. In doing this, we help to ensure that each and every one of the thousands of small businesses that we represent across the European franchise network receives the Subway approved products and services that they need to run their business.

We work closely with Subway to deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, supporting Franchisees to operate their businesses in a sustainable way and minimising our impact on the environment through our sourcing and supply chain strategies.

Effective supply strategies across a growing market

Purchasing and supply chain in a franchise network across Europe is so much more than simply negotiating a price for a product. As well as finding suppliers that can produce Subway Gold Standard products in the volumes required, we create strategies and processes that give the most flexibility, promote investment by suppliers and enable us to be responsive to shifting market forces.  

As a result, we are able to maximise on the opportunities and minimise the risks to Franchisees from global currency fluctuations and shifting commodity prices. We also put robust contingency plans in place to ensure the safe and efficient supply of products to Franchisees from multiple sources and locations – ensuring that they have what they need to run their business at all times.

Today we manage over £1.5 billion worth of contracts on behalf of the 5400+ Subway Franchisees in Europe.

Adding value across the business

As well as the purchasing and supply of Subway specified and approved food, packaging and equipment, we also add value to Subway Franchisees in other areas. 

We provide services and business solutions including QualityNet, a product quality control call centre and ServiceNet, a helpdesk that manages the support and maintenance requirements for Subway specified equipment. We also provide business services and solutions such as group insurance, utilities, merchant services, retail technology and more.

Guided by our Board of Directors and in consultation with Franchisees, we look right across the P&L to explore areas where we can make a positive difference, working with changing legislation and ensuring that we are ready for new business challenges on behalf of Subway Franchisees. 

Unaterra – a global partnership with one mission

While IPC EMEA is an independent company, similar organisations exist in North America and Asia Pacific.

Increasingly, we are working together with these other independent purchasing companies to help Subway Franchisees be more profitable and competitive, delivering benefit at a global level. We do this under the brand heading of Unaterra and we have already delivered millions of pounds worth of savings on global purchasing strategies.

If you are a Subway Franchisee operating within one of the member countries, you are automatically a member of IPC EMEA and qualify to vote on all membership issues.

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